Towards a Taxonomy of Human Resource Allocation Criteria

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Allocating the most appropriate resource to execute the activities of a business process is a key aspect within the organizational perspective. An optimal selection of the resources that are in charge of executing the activities may contribute to improve the efficiency and the performance of the business processes. Despite the existence of resource metamodels that seek to provide a better representation of resources, a detailed classification of the allocation criteria that have been used to evaluate resources is missing. In this paper, we provide an initial proposal for a resource allocation criteria taxonomy. This taxonomy is based on an extensive literature review that yielded 2,370 articles regarding the existing resource allocation approaches within the business process management discipline, from which 95 articles were considered for the analysis. The proposed taxonomy points out the most frequently used criteria for assessing the resources from January 2005 to July 2016.
Michael Arias, Jorge Munoz-Gama, Marcos Sepúlveda. Towards a Taxonomy of Human Resource Allocation Criteria. Lecture Notes In Business Information Processing . 2018;308(1):475-483.