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Esta colección incluye artículos de revistas de profesores de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, publicados en revistas nacionales y extranjeras.


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    WalkYourPlace - Building a Web-based Platform for Urban Accessibility Analysis
    (2017) Rojas Quezada, Carolina Alejandra; Hunter, Andrew; Fuentes, Cristian; Poorazizi, Ebrahim; Steiniger, Stefan
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    Immigration and supplementary ethnic schooling: Ukrainian students in Portugal
    (ROUTLEDGE JOURNALS, TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD, 2013) Tereshchenko, Antonina; Grau Cardenas, Valeska Valentina
    Immigration from Eastern European countries to Portugal is a recent phenomenon. Within the last decade, economic migrants from Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Moldova set up a number of supplementary schools across the country. No academic attention has been given to the phenomenon of supplementary ethnic schools in Portugal, whilst there is a growing interest in and beyond Europe in the ways they serve as cultural, social and political sources for identity negotiation, and structures for social capital formation in migrant communities. This study addresses this gap in knowledge. Drawing on a survey completed by 184 students between the ages of 12 and 20, attending eight Ukrainian supplementary schools, this paper contributes to wider international research through its mapping of the population of Ukrainian schools in Portugal and examining students' reasons for attendance, highlighting both positive and negative aspects of their experiences. Recommendations are made for schools in light of the findings.
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    Developing observation skills in pre-service teachers: Results of a pilot intervention based on the use of the video library of good teaching practicesDesarrollo de habilidades de observación en estudiantes de pedagogía: Resultados de una intervención piloto basada en el uso de la videoteca de Buenas Prácticas Docentes
    (Universidad Austral de Chile, 2013) Müller M.; Calcagni Calcagni E.; Grau V.; Preiss D.D.; Volante P.
    A key aspect of pre-service teachers training is students' participation in real-life educational contexts. However, students' access to these experiences is limited and training programs face practical limitations to fully mediate these experiences. This article comes from a research project aimed at developing an online repository of classroom videos. The web platform, named Videoteca de Buenas Prácticas Docentes, is expected to enhance students' access to mediated observation of real-life classrooms. The present study introduces the design, implementation and evaluation of a teaching model supported on international training experiences. The specific goal was to develop observation skills and knowledge based reasoning among students. A pre and post video observation task was carried out, and data were processed using content analysis. Results show advances in participants' ability to observe and reflect on classroom videos, focusing on the student-teacher-content triangle, and improving their observation stance from general description to specific ones, and also interpretations.
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    (2023) Pérez V., Blanca Elvira; Hidalgo Hermosilla, Germán
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    Exploring strategies to growth wild turnip sprouts as healthy food
    (2024) López-Belchí, M. D.; Toro, M. T.; Illanes, M.; Henríquez-Aedo, K.; Fernández Martínez, Joaquín Emilio; Schoebitz, M.; Zapata, N.; Fischer, S.; Pinto, A.; García-Viguera, C.; Moreno, D. A.
    Background: Brassicas (Brassicaceae) are recognized as excellent sources of nutrients and bioactive compounds. Among these, wild turnip (Brassica rapa L.), holds significant promising nutritional properties owed to its abundant glucosinolates and phenolic compounds. To enhance its potential values, the application of elicitors is crucial and good strategy prompting an enrichment in the concentration of phytochemicals, as well established in other relevant Brassicas, such as broccoli. While the responses triggered by certain elicitors such as salicylic acid, methyl jasmonate, or chitosan are widely documented, little is known about the impact of electrolyzed water, an economically viable elicitor. Through elicitation strategies, the aim of this work was to unravel insights into enhancing the phytochemical content of wild turnip sprouts for potential use as healthy food, comparing with well-studied broccoli as control of the experiments. Results: Our findings revealed that wild turnip exhibited a notable higher glucosinolate (GSL) contents (487–712 mg 100 g−1 D.W.), than in broccoli sprouts. Furthermore, the use of electrolyzed water (2 vol.) boosted the accumulation of glucosinolates with significant increase up to twofolds the content. Specifically, treatments with salicylic acid (250 μM) and electrolyzed water (2 vol.) favored the significant increase of mainly aliphatic GSL (progoitrin, PRO; gluconapin, GNA; glucobrassicin, GBN). On the other hand, natural antioxidants such as of the characteristic acylated cyanidins present in wild turnip sprouts were not affected by the elicitor treatments, indicative of higher tolerance to oxidative stress in wild turnip. Conclusions: These observations underlined the potential of using electrolyzed water in wild turnips as elicitor for GSL-enriched food ingredients. Further studies will be necessary to align with the broader goal of evaluating abiotic and biotic factors affecting the phytochemical composition in mature organs not only in germinating seeds and sprouts, for agricultural performance for quality and healthy foods purposes.