Actividad física y obesidad en niños con asma

Exercise- induced asthma is frequent among children. Objective: To compare physical activity (PA) and nutritional status in asthmatic (A) versus healthy (H) children. Methods: 81 school children were enrolled (40 A and 41 H). A validated interview with opinions and attitude towards PA was performed to parents in both groups. Nutritional status was classified according to body mass index. Answers were associated with χ2 test. Results: 44% girls, average age 9 years-old. Average hours per week of PA = 2.4 in H and 1.9 in A (p=NS); 88% of A versus 56% of H performed < 2 hours per week of PA (p < 0.05). 85% of A reported frequent symptoms associated to PA. Overweight and obesity were diagnosed in 15/40 A and 11/41 H (p < 0.05). Parents of A thought that PA was "dangerous" more frequently than parents of H (p < 0.05). Conclusions: Asthmatic children practice less PA than recommendations. There is an association between asthma, obesity and less PA level. Parents of asthmatic children have a negative opinion about PA, explaining the diminished PA performed by this group.