A Novel Three-Port NPC Converter for Grid-Tied Photovoltaic Systems with Integrated Battery Energy Storage

The variable behaviour of the photovoltaic (PV) generation arises as the main drawback of this technology. Therefore, Battery Energy Storage (BES) units appear as a promising solution to overcome the inherent intermittent generation profile of PV systems. BES can be implemented separated from the PV generation units or integrated within a single power system. The latter option gives a better dynamic response, as the variable generation can be directly complemented with the BES, controlling the power flow between both elements with the grid. Thus, there is a need for power converters with capability of interface both PV and BES with the grid in a reliable and efficient way. This paper proposes a Three-Port NPC converter to connect a PV array and a BES unit with the ac grid using a single power processing stage. The converter is based in the H-NPC inverter and allows the connection of a low voltage battery to act as a power buffer ensuring a firm energy dispatch to the grid. Furthermore, simulation results show that the proposed topology maintains the good performance of the H-NPC in terms of efficiency, voltage harmonic distortion and reduced leakage current
PV-BES, Three-port converter, NPC, Hybrid PV inverter, All-in-one PV inverter