ResRec: A multi-criteria tool for resource recommendation

Dynamic resource allocation is considered a key aspect withinbusiness process management. Selecting the most suitable resources is achallenge for those in charge of making the allocation, because the efficiency with which this task is executed, can contribute to the quality ofthe results, and improve the process performance. Different mechanismshave been proposed to improve resource allocation. However, there is aneed for more flexible allocation methods that integrate a set of conditions and requirements defined at run-time, and also, allow the combination of different criteria to evaluate resources. In this paper, we presentResRec, a novel Multi-factor Criteria tool that can be used to recommend and allocate resources dynamically. The tool provides the featureof solving individual requests (On-demand), or requests made in blocks(Batch) through a recommender system developed in ProM.
Resource allocation, Process mining, Business processes, Recommendation systems, Organizational perspective