Assessments CO2 assimilation on a per-leaf-area basis are related to total leaf area

Net photosynthetic rates often are dependent on leaf size when expressed on a leaf-area basis (CO2 assimilation as ULMOI(.)m(-2.)s(-1)). Therefore, distinguishing between leaf-size-related and other causes of differences in net photosynthetic rate cannot be determined when data are presented on a leaf-area basis. From a theoretical perspective, CO2 assimilation expressed on a leaf-area basis (mu mol(.)m(2.)s(1)) will be independent of leaf area only when total net CO(2)assimilation (leaf CO(2)assimilation as mu mol(.)s(-1)) is linearly related to leaf area and the function describing this relationship has a nonzero y intercept. This situation was not encountered in the data sets we evaluated; therefore, ratio-based estimates Of CO2 assimilation were often misleading. When CO2 assimilation data are expressed on a per-leaf-area basis (the standard procedure in the photosynthesis literature), it is difficult to determine how photosynthetic efficiency changes as leaves or plants mature and difficult to compare the efficiency of treatments or cultivars when leaf size or total plant leaf area varies.
developmental stage, intercept corrections, leaf age, leaf area, ratio-based efficiency, regression models, slope-based efficiency, NITROGEN-USE EFFICIENCY, NET PHOTOSYNTHESIS, CHLOROPHYLL CONTENT, STRAWBERRY PLANTS, DARK RESPIRATION, LEAVES, RATIOS