Deciphering event logs in SharePoint Server: A methodology based on process mining

Nowadays, the information systems are an indispensable resource for the organizations. The processes that are managed through these systems most of the time are hard to understand, maintain and improve. The data associated to the process becomes the main source and input to do all types of analysis. Process Mining allows the extraction of useful knowledge from the generated information of the corporate systems. This work suggests a methodology based on process mining to execute process support analysis of a corporate intranet implemented in SharePoint Server. With the extracted information it is possible to do analysis from several perspectives. The obtained results allow administrators of this type of technology platforms to evaluate the techniques used and generate benefits. The methodology was applied in a case study for a Retail client, besides doing an exploratory analysis of the data for two additional clients in the Industrial Safety industry in Chile.
Servers, Data mining, PROM, Monitoring, Business, Software, Computational modeling