Quantum sensing using NV centers in diamond

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This thesis is focused on understanding the interaction of nitrogen vacancy (NV) defect in diamond with its environment as well as its applications in nanotechnology and biophysics. First, we study the hyperfine interaction due to nearby 13C carbon and 15N nitrogen isotopes in the vicinity of the Level Anti-Crossing (LAC), we propose an experimental method at room temperature free of microwave, in which it is possible to find the sign of the Fermi contact term, using the coupling between nuclear spins 1/2 and electronic spin 1. For this, a three-dimensional coil system was constructed to study the fluorescence close to the LAC. Second we describe an experiment in order to use the NV center as a sensor for chemical reactions, in specific to measure the pH and relate it’s macroscopic measurement with experiments like Ramsey interferometry and change in the spectrum, in order to observe changes on the charge state and T2 . Finally, we show a way to functionalize a nanodiamond hosting a NV defect, and use it as a biomarker for amyloid β, an Alzheimer desease related compound. We show that using this functionalized nanodiamonds might enable the development of longer experiments in biophysics due to the photostability of the NV defect compared to regular biomarkers that are widely used in biology. This works paves the way for performing unltrasensitive and reliable detection of cells involved in the pathogenesis of the Alzheimer desease.
Tesis (Master in Physics)--Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, 2018