Deviations of the leptonic branching ratios of the heavy Higgs in the MSSM with broken R-parity

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We performed a phenomenological study of the leptonic decay modes of a heavy Higgs in a supersymmetric scenario which we called the ϵλ-MSSM, in which we added ϵ-bilinear and λ-trilinear terms to break R-parity explicitly, constrained by the most recent neutrino experimental data. In particular, we explored the possibilityof decreasing the coupling associated to the τ τ mode, in order to reduce the large number of events predicted by other typical R-parity conserving (RpC) models to justify the non-observation of any heavy scalar resonance, while opening regions of the parameter space which were previously excluded. We also study the possibility of enhancing the µµ mode due to its importance in future experimental searches. We found that even with a loose cosmological bound given by the sum of the neutrino masses, the deviations for the τ τ mode are smaller than a 1%, while for the µµ mode it can be up to 50%. However, once we constrained our parameters to reproduce the most recent neutrino observables associated with neutrino oscillation, we found that the deviations attained in each mode are extremely small, leading to deviations of ∼ 0.0001% for the µµ mode and ∼ 0.0000000001% for the τ τ model, making the ϵλ-MSSM indistinguishable from the RpC-MSSM case in the leptonic channels.
Tesis (Master in Physics)--Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, 2018