A New Compensation Method for High Current Non-Linear Loads

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A new active compensation scheme to eliminate current harmonic components and compensate reactive power for high current non-linear loads is presented and analyzed. The new active compensation technique is based in a series active filter that employs a unique power circuit topology (two single phase inverters) with a simple control scheme, and is suitable for current harmonics and reactive power compensation. It is address to compensate highly polluted electric feeders such as the ones connected to high current rectifiers. The proposed approach allows for low cost and part count reduction in comparison with previous compensation solutions (passive and active). The paper analyzes the new active power compensation technique in terms of principles of operation, power topology, control design and implementation. Experimental results obtained in a laboratory DSP based controlled prototype are presented validating the simulated waveforms and confirming the viability of the proposed compensation technique
Power system harmonics, Power harmonic filters, Reactive power, Harmonic analysis, Active filters, Circuit topology, Inverters, Reactive power control, Pollution, Rectifiers