An analysis of the parental reflective function, the quality of triadic interaction and its influence on early childhood development

The prevalence of social-emotional problems in early childhood continues at a high level (Centro de Microdatos-Universidad de Chile, 2014). This stage is a critical period in which the immediate family is the most influential system in childhood development (Bronfenbrenner, 1987). Conversely, the parental reflective function (RF) is considered a protective factor in early parenting (Stacks et al., 2014), assuming a relevant role in socialemotional development in early childhood (Ensink, Bégin, Normandin, & Fonagy, 2016; Smaling, Huijbregts, van der Heijden, van Goozen, & Swaab, 2016a).
Tesis (Doctora en Psicoterapia)--Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, 2018